The Buddhism is a philosophy or teaching about the ultimate truth of the world to become enlightenment or beatitude (Nirvana). Enlightenment (Nirvanaya) can simply define as end the suffering of cycle of death and rebirth. The path of Nirvana was self-invented by lord Sri Gauthama Sambuddha practicing deep meditations over full of continues six years about 2500 years ago in India. If you became Enlighted; you will never birth again: you will end this dangerous existence (Sasara).

The Lord Buddha’s teachings include not only path to enlightenment, but also meaningful techniques to apply for day to day human (layman) life. The Lord Buddha’s teachings have written into the book calls “Thripitakaya”.

There are three gems in Buddhism call “Buddha”, “Dhamma” and “Sangha” that highly value in Buddhist religion. Buddha means the Lord Sri Gauthama Buddha who self-ascertained how to end the suffering of this existence; Nirvana. Dhamma is the teachings, techniques and inventions of lord buddha to achieve Nirvana. Sangha is the third gem; the monks who carries the Dhamma by teaching layman humans to behave well in dhamma achieve beatitude.

If you want to archive beatitude: first you must believe the existence of the cycle of death and rebirth. After anybody dead, only the body will destroy. Your mind will remain same and your same mind brings you to next soul to get rebirth as another human or an animal. If you have done and practice good things in this life: your next birth will be a good one or born in heaven. But if you have misbehaved in this life you will rebirth in hell or as an animal according to the level of bad karma you have collected. But anyway, your death and rebirth cycle not going to end. This rebirth cycle is a suffering. Therefore, you need to end it. Ending this death and rebirth cycle is the Nirvanaya (enlightenment or beatitude).

What we have to understand is this death and rebirth cycle is dangerous. Because birth, changing, getting sick and getting elder are a suffering. What we call enjoyment is a moment that passes we can not hold it forever.

There is no any forcing to anybody to follow the Buddhism. The lord Buddha has invited as “come and see” (Ehi-Passiko). That means Listen and convict carefully the dharma orated by the Lord Buddha and ask yourself is it true? Question it? And ask it from clergy confraternity and self-discover them.

Following Dhamma and practicing meditations are major help to archive the ultimate goal of the Buddhism teaching: The Nirvana. Meditation is a major part of Buddhism. There are many more teachings and verities of meditation that can practice from beginner level to reach your wisdom.

Following the Buddhism, it can help you to practice control anger, greed, animosity, envy and lot negativity in our life and implant generous thoughts like love, kindness, compassion and many positive qualities. It leads to have a simple life and surround yourself to get ready to achieve enlightenment or beatitude.